Version 0.12 Released

The third release - 0.12 is now here.


A lot has been added. Thank you for your praise, suggestions and contributions so far anons.


  • Added car lights (headlights, tail lights etc.)
  • Added night time version of the Downtown level
  • Much better performance
  • Better AI
  • New camera angles
  • Added basic controller support - no support in the menus/UI currently
  • Added AI marches across the level
  • Added level finish and results screen
  • Added a weapon system, coons can spawn with and pick up weapons from the ground
  • Nigs now react to your vehicle by making threatening gestures
  • Added 5 radio stations
  • Added the first cutscene for the campaign - about 80% complete
  • Loading screen displays 128 random ‘hate facts’
  • Added skip to cutscenes when pressing escape/start
  • Some bug fixes
  • A bunch of other stuff
  • Tire tracks have been temporarily disabled due to a bug

Black Lives Splatter

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2020-07-24 09:30 +0930