Version 0.2 released

At long last, Black Lives Splatter 0.2 is here!



  • Expanded suburbs level
  • Added level select system
  • Added Garage for vehicle selection
  • Added 2 new vehicles
  • Added money, vehicle purchasing
  • Added score to HUD
  • Added save system, level, money and vehicle purchase progress is saved
  • Added Moonman hand IK, hands now move with the steering wheel
  • Added radio station radial menu
  • Added throwables (bricks, bottles, and more) for enemies
  • Added hate crime side objectives, crack house jump on suburbs, rainbow road drift on downtown
  • Added antifa, jew and new terrorist models
  • Added crowd sounds
  • Added negro and jew taunts
  • Cutscene for the Suburbs level finished
  • Added cutscene to Downtown
  • Added Credits level with a cutscene
  • Added skin system - can switch to General Lee
  • Added General Lee horn sound
  • Improved performance in some areas
  • Results screen replaced, now goes back to menu
  • Death screen added
  • Falling into water is now handled correctly
  • Added audio, input and some misc options
  • Added options menu to pause menu
  • New engine sounds for almost all vehicles
  • Added burning animations, unique voicelines for Moonman
  • Added SteamVR support in-game
  • Afterburner is now given based on remaining nitro, instead of only if nitro full
  • Some vehicle handling, torque improvements
  • Bug fixes
  • Some new music added
  • A bunch of other stuff


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2020-10-02 09:30 +0930